Frequently asked questions

How do I receive each Maqro recommendation?


Recommendations are presented via our Online Research Portal - as part of the Maqro Research Subscription. We also send out SMS and Email notifications to ensure you get access to the recommendations in a timely manner.

What markets does Maqro cover?


Our Investing Division covers ASX listed Equities, whilst our Trading Division covers ASX listed Equities and Global Indices (XJO, DAX, HSI & DOW). Our ETF Division provides instant diversification to your investment portfolio, whilst Maqro Small Caps provide access to Micro and Small Caps companies on the Australian Stock Market.

What is the difference between the various research reports?


Maqro Investing – Longer-term investing using fundamental analysis, with a technical overlay and strong emphasis on optimal allocation and risk management strategies.

Maqro Active– Shorter-term active trading using primarily technical analysis, with a unique focus on both momentum-based trading strategies and macroeconomic themes.

Maqro ETFs – An ETF is short for Exchange-Traded Funds. Similarly to a managed fund, ETFs allow consumers to invest in a basket of various assets or companies with a single trade. Instant diversification to your portfolio on the Australian Stock Market.

Maqro Small Caps – Selective coverage on high growth opportunities within the Small Caps space on the Australian Stock Market.

Maqro Dividends - High yielding positions, generally focused on strong balance sheets. Companies are selected within a strict criteria that aims to identify companies that can sustain and grow dividends over the longer term.

Maqro ESG - Companies that showcase positive scores for the following factors; Environmental, Social & Governance.

What’s the minimum amount I can put in my account?


There is no minimum required to open an account. You can open an account and fund it when it suits you best.

What’s the process of opening an account?


You can access our account documents online when you sign up. You will be able to complete these documents online without requiring contact from our team. It’s fast and simple.

Can I bring my shares across to Maqro Trade?


Yes, the platform is fully CHESS sponsored which means you can transfer your existing shares from any CHESS sponsored broker via a HIN or an SRN transfer. This means you still have full ownership of your shares and can move them away whenever you need. 

What types of accounts can I open?


Maqro accepts many account types, including personal accounts, joint accounts, trusts, self-managed super funds and company accounts.

Can I open multiple accounts?


Yes, when you’re a member of the firm, you can to open multiple accounts under different entities.

What are the Brokerage rates?


For Maqro Trade, brokerage rates are as follows:

  • Under $5,000 = $5
  • $5,000 - $10,000 = $10
  • $10,000 - $15,000 = $15
  • Over $15,000 = 0.1%

Can I trade on my phone?


Our IOS and Android Application is set to launch in June 2022. You can still use the Maqro Trade platform via your phone Browser.

Is there a minimum buy order value?


Yes, the minimum marketable parcel is $500. However, this doesn’t apply if you already own the same company within the portfolio.

Does the Maqro Trade system provide reporting?


Yes, the platform will provide you with auto-generated reports including transaction summaries, cash ledger transactions and portfolio valuations.

Can I set alerts on my portfolio?


Yes, you can set up multiple alerts in the system and can track them through the portal.

What order types are available?


The Maqro Trade platform will facilitate Limit and Stop-Limit orders to ASX Trade Match and BRM (Best Market Router). 

Do I receive trade confirmations/ contract notes?


Trade Confirmations (or Contract Notes) are an electronic record of a buy or sell securities transaction. 

They are sent to the primary applicant's email address and any other email addresses provided in the account application form. You can also nominate a third-party email address to receive copies of Confirmations e.g. your accountant.

Trade Confirmations are sent electronically only - they are not mailed via post.

Does the trade portal provide live data?


Our free Trading portal will provide click to refresh data. You can upgrade to our Maqro Trade Pro Tool Kit, which provides streaming live price, custom dashboards, award winning charting, live market depth, market map, live ASX news and upcoming dividends.

I sold my shares, but the money hasn’t arrived in my bank account yet.


ASX settlements are T+2. This means that funds settle into the selected Cash Management Account two days after buying or selling. 

What products and markets can I trade?

  • Maqro Trade offers direct market access to the following Australian stock exchanges via Best Market Router, meaning it's auto-selected: Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Chi-X Australia (Chi-X) and National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX). 
  • We do not currently offer International or US Market products.
  • You can trade ASX listed shares via our regular Maqro Trade portal. 
  • More advanced products include hybrids, Chess Depository Interest (CDIs), Warrants (coming soon), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Bond Units (XTBs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Options for listed securities (requires an Option Application Form). Please contact our team to discuss trading these products.

Can I update average prices opening an account?


Yes, you can manually change the average prices for any of your positions once the account is open. We suggest you take note of your average prices before you transfer your portfolio across.

Can’t access my Maqro Trade account?


Simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ option after you’ve entered your username and a reset link will be sent to your specified email. If you’re still having issues, please contact [email protected] 

Can I update my CHESS address?


If you’d like to amend your CHESS postal or email address, you will have to fill and sign a ‘Change of Address’ form. Please contact [email protected] to request the forms. Digital signatures will not be accepted.

Why did my order fail?

  • When placing orders through Maqro Trade, you might see in the status section an "Order Failure" Notification. If you hover over this notification, a reason is displayed. 
  • Below are a number of possible reasons that your order may 'fail' or not be executed:
    • The price entered was too far away from current market demand
    • Insufficient funds in Available Trading Balance for a buy order
    • You have reached your Order Limit – contact our team
    • Attempts to sell stocks that are not held in portfolio
    • Breach of Market Integrity rules 

The cash balance on my trading account is wrong?

  • Make sure to double check you don’t have any trades settling. You can find this information on your Maqro Trade portal under My Portfolio. If there’s a problem re-occurring, please contact [email protected] or send through a screenshot to our team. 

How do I find my HIN?


You can find your CHESS Holder Identification Number (HIN) on the Maqro Trade portal. Go to the My Portfolio widget and find your details in the ‘CHESS’ section underneath ‘Current Positions’. You can also find your HIN on any CHESS holding statement and share registry statement. 

Missing trade confirmations/ contract notes

  • Contract notes are automatically sent to your nominated email address. You have an option whether you’d like to receive this when the order is filled or at market close. They will be sent from [email protected] with the subject line “Trade Confirmations”.
  • If you can’t find your contract note, we ask you check your Junk or Spam folder and verify the email address linked to your account is up to date.

Is a management fee to be a Maqro Wealth client?


Working with a wealth manager requires an annual member’s fee. The brokerage rate is $100 or 1.00%.

Do the wealth managers make decisions on my behalf? / What control do I have over my shares?


You will always maintain full control of decisions in the Maqro Wealth division. Your wealth manager provides general advice investment ideas which are discussed. Your wealth manager requires express permission from you to execute on any investments discussed.

How do wealth managers contact me?


Trading with your wealth manager is fast and easy. For your convenience, we will contact you over the phone to receive your permission for trade execution. Depending on works well for you, we can also contact you via text and email.

How much money do I need to work with a wealth manager?


The Wealth Management team typically works with clients who have over $250,000 invested in the Australian share market. However, this is a case-by-case basis. Please contact our team to discuss.

Can I see my wealth manager Face-to-Face?


Yes, you can book in an appointment with your Wealth Manager. We are based in Sydney CBD.

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