About Us

We’re changing the way you invest.

What we do

Maqro aims to present profitable, convenient and technology-focused products for the everyday Australian investor. We are determined to eliminate the many barriers to entry and finally bridge the gap between the retail and institutional investor, leveling the playing field for mum and dads, millennials, Gen Y and retirees. Join the effort to revolutionalise the medieval practices of our current financial industry.

Why we do it

The financial services industry has experienced rapid progress towards technological solutions over the last several years. New startups have made aggressive disruption to the wealth management industry, targeting the weaknesses of traditional advisory business models with low fees, transparent services and scalable business models.

Partnered with the right people

Security and safety are critical points to where we source data and retrieve information from. That’s why we have teamed up with like-minded organisations that put privacy and legitimacy first for the user.

The founders and team

Meet the people who make things happen.

Conrad Song

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Conrad Song has extensive experience in Equities, Derivatives and Managed Investment Schemes, holding previous positions in brokerage, private equity and managed fund firms. Conrad is also a director of Apex Asset Management, a Corporate Advisory firm focusing on corporate transactions such as IPOs, Placements and Seed Capital opportunities. Conrad currently focuses on managing the operations, marketing and corporate strategy of Maqro Investment Group. Conrad Co-Founded Maqro with Hue Frame in November 2016.

Hue Frame

Advisory Board Member

Hue Frame is the portfolio manager of the Frame Futures Fund. He has over 10 years of finance and investment management experience working for Westpac Banking Corporation as a risk analyst between 2006 and 2008 and at Atlantic Pacific Securities as an Investment Adviser between 2010 and 2015.Hue holds a B.Com, from the University of Canterbury, Majoring in Management and is qualified to provide advice on derivatives, depository products and managed investment schemes.

Werner Stals

Advisory Board Member

Sanlam Private Wealth was established by Werner Stals in 2009. He has extensive experience in the banking, funds management and equity and capital markets. He articled with Price Waterhouse and then joined Hill Samuel Merchant Bank in London in 1987. He returned to South Africa in 1990 and became managing director of Huysamer Stals, a leading full-service stockbroker. When the broker was sold to ABN Amro in 1998 he became CEO of the bank in South Africa. He and two partners then started RECM (funds management) and Sanlam Private Wealth Capital (Private Equity) in 2003, now with $1.6 bn under management.

Chris Flavell

Advisory Board Member

Chris Flavell has worked with several investment banks and
corporate finance firms. His transaction experience includes: over $4 billion of M&A transactions, over $7 billion of debt and hybrid transactions and over $2 billion of equity raising. His strategy experience includes: Industry restructuring, M&A and divestments, capital raising, project development and project and structured finance. Sector experience spans energy, power, exploration, resources, infrastructure, manufacturing, distribution and retailing. His previous experience includes, Director of JP Morgan; Global Investment Banking Business, Equity capital markets, debt capital markets, M&A and advisory business.

Martin Boyd

Advisory Board Member

Martin Boyd specialises in Cyber Security, working with Discourse.org used by Twitter, Cisco, Ubuntu and Bloomberg to name a few highlights. Martin also previously held positions as Executive Manager of Cyber Security at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, focusing on the management of the Cyber Security Platform and governance of the Cyber Security programs. Martin also held positions as Systems Manager and Infrastructure Manager at Commonwealth Bank.

Robert Corlett

Chief Executive Officer

Robert is the CEO  at Maqro, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Robert has held previous roles as Head of Derivatives at APSEC and Credit Manager/Senior Trading Representative at Westpac Broking and holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance, Diploma in Technical Analysis, RG146 qualifications in Generic Knowledge, Securities, Managed Investments and ADA 1&2. 

Isajlo (Izzy) Dukovski

Head of Corporate Finance, Senior Investment Adviser

Izzy is the Head of Corporate Finance here at Maqro, focusing on identifying attractive investment opportunities for clients seeking alternative investment opportunities and transactions, such as; IPOs, Equity Placements, Early-Stage Venture Opportunities and Managed Investment products. Izzy holds RG146 qualifications in Securities and Managed Investments.

Rocco Marrapodi

Senior Investment Adviser

Rocco is the Head of Trading at Maqro, managing the performance of the Maqro Advisers in Sydney. Rocco has extensive experience in portfolio management, specialising in Equities and Derivatives. Rocco holds RG146 qualifications in Securities, Derivatives and Managed Investments.

Daniel Chen

Senior Investment Adviser

Daniel provides direction and coordination as Head of Operations. He is certified to provide advice to his clients in Derivatives, Equities and Managed Investments. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce from Macquarie University.

Thomas Brunton

Senior Investment Adviser

Thomas is the Head of Research at Maqro, specialising in Macroeconomic, Technical Trading Systems and Fundamental Valuation Analysis. Thomas holds a Bachelors in Commerce, majoring in Finance and Accounting from the University of Sydney.

Joshua Barker

Senior Investment Adviser

Joshua manages client portfolios, focusing on global market themes and efficient portfolio management strategies. He holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce, majoring in Finance and Economics. He is licensed to provide general advice on Equities and Derivatives.

Edward Heng

Research Analyst

Edward is a Research Analyst at Maqro and holds a Bachelors of Engineering & Commerce, majoring in Finance and Economics at the University of New South Wales. Edward has an impressive background in programming, statistical analysis and complex mathematics.

Chloe Larnach

Administrations Officer

Chloe is both an Administrations Officer and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director at Maqro. She provides the Trading and Advisory Floor with administrative assistance, ensuring a high level of organisation and cohesion across the different divisions of the business.

Interested in working for Maqro?

Maqro is always searching for highly effective and motivated individuals to join the team. Submit your resume at careers@maqro.com.au.