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Maqro offers everything you need to discover, analyse and execute on investment opportunities on the ASX.

We are one of Australia’s leading investment research and advisers, helping everyday investors navigate through the financial markets with confidence.

Our suite of investment products provides a clear and simple way to not only execute your own investment strategy, but also work alongside an investment adviser to do the heavy lifting for you.

Online Research through our MaqroSearch Portal to help you find new opportunities on international and Australian stock market.

Trading Execution through our MaqroTrader platform for both self-directed investors and advised clients.

Dedicated Advisers assist with timing and allocation sizing to help optimise your portfolio and your trading strategies.

MaqroSearch, the only Stock Market Research Platform you need.

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  • Streamlined research on the go

    Never miss a beat with notifications and alerts to keep you informed about the markets and your portfolio.

  • Communicate directly with your investment adviser

    Get access to an Investment Adviser, when it suits you. Discuss your ideas, questions and thoughts on your portfolio, on your terms.

  • Execute trades with us

    Need a trade executed? Access trade execution functionality at discount brokerage rates.

  • Receive actionable recommendations

    Stop relying on superficial and bias commentary. Get access to real ideas, based on a real strategy to improve your investing decisions.

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Mix and match different reports to suit your strategy

  • Trading

    Active trading in high growth opportunities

    Shorter Term Active Trading primarily using technical analysis. A unique focus on both momentum based trading strategies and macroeconomic themes.

  • Investing

    Investing in quality ASX-listed companies

    Medium to Longer Term Investing using fundamental analysis, with a technical overlay. Strong emphasis on optimal allocation and risk management strategies.

  • Small Caps

    ASX Micro and Small Cap Investing

    Selective coverage on high growth opportunities within the Small Caps space.

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Conrad Song

Managing Director & Co-Founder

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Our advisers have a single objective: offer a real partnership to generate returns for your portfolio. This objective is delivered conveniently and effectively through technology, alongside friendly, professional advisers.

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