Terms and Conditions for Investors

By submitting this application form, each applicant:

  • Agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out in the Information Memorandum and the Constitution of Maqro Capital Pty Ltd (“Company”.)
  • Authorises the Company to correct any mistakes in the Application and where the offer is over-subscribed, to amend the Application to reduce the number of shares applied for (on a pro-rata basis).
  • Acknowledges that the Company is not presently listed on any financial market and investing in shares in the Company is of a high-risk speculative nature
  • Acknowledges that Maqro Capital Pty Ltd or any other authorised agent is entitled to receive a fee of 6% commission for any funds raised pursuant to this Information Memorandum.
  • By accepting the offer made in the Information Memorandum, represents, warrants and agrees for the benefit of the Company and its respective associates (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the “Corporations Act”) that they fall within one of the following categories:(i) A “Sophisticated Investor” pursuant to Section 708(8) of the Corporations Act;(ii) A “Professional Investor” within the meaning of Section 9 and pursuant to Section 708(11) of the Corporations Act; or(iii) A Person to whom an offer is made pursuant to section 708 (1) or (10) of the Act; and, if (i), or (ii) applies,


Declarations by Applicants

Each applicant makes the following Declarations and Statements by submitting this Application Form:

  • all details and statements on the Application Form are complete and accurate
  • they agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Company
  • they are eligible to receive the Offer without an accompanying disclosure document under section 708 of the Corporations Act

Privacy Policy

Your personal information may be disclosed to our related bodies corporate, to external service providers, such as a print or mail service provider, or as otherwise required or permitted by law.

Please refer to www.maqro.com.au for a full copy of our Privacy Policy.