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Actionable, expert advice to help you make smarter investing decisions

Introducing Maqro Capital

Maqro Capital Pty Ltd  is a leading investment advisory firm, focusing on presenting investors with institutional grade research and insights. We offer clients recommendations on both short term trading and longer term investing strategies, and provide a dedicated investment adviser to assist with strategic portfolio management and execution assistance. (AFSL No. 124 9634)

Premium Research

Corporate Finance

Advisory & Support

Research Division

We equip our clients with institutional grade research, communicated in an ‘easy to digest’ reporting format. Our fundamental and technical analysis is used by investors to ensure they are not only up-to-date with current market trends, but give you the tools to capitalise on opportunities with insights on Valuations, Broker Ratings, Technical Price action and other key investing metrics. Download a FREE sample of our reports below.

Monthly Investing Report

  • Systematic, top-down stock selection approach
  • Key Economic indicator analysis and calendar
  • Investing Thematic with key stock watchlists

Recommendation Report

  • Actionable recommendations with Entry and Exit Prices
  • In-depth Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Broker ratings

Portfolio Review Report

  • Quarterly Analysis of Portfolio
  • Identification of Key Risks; concentration, sector or company specific risks
  • Optimisation of reward to risk parameters

Advisory Division

Maqro Investment Advisers offer our clients a direct line of communication for additional support. We also understand the importance of timing when executing trades, so we give clients access to Advisers who will do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to trade execution, portfolio management and account administration.

Conrad Song

Founder, Managing Director

Robert Corlett

Chief Executive Officer

Rocco Marrapodi

Senior Investment Adviser

Joshua Barker

Senior Investment Adviser

FREE Portfolio Review and Rebalance

Watch our CEO, Robert Corlett discuss the importance of portfolio management, and how we can help you optimise your strategy.

How does it work?

  1. Email your portfolio holdings (Company Ticker Codes & No. of Shares) to [email protected]
  2. Our Analyst team will produce a 6-Page Comprehensive Portfolio Review Report.
  3. One of our Investment Advisers will contact you to book in for a time to present our findings and analysis.
  4. Receive a Complimentary Strategy Session.

Receive SMS Notifications for every recommendation

Playing Golf? Can’t take a call? We get it, some things are more important.

Hi James,

BUY: Bank of Queensland (BOQ)
Entry: $XXXX
Current Price: $XXXX
Price Target: $XXXX

For execution, please reply with “YES” or “Y”.

Yes, its that simple.

Corporate Finance

IPO, Pre-IPO, Placements and Seed Capital Opportunities

Some of our corporate finance transactions are restricted to s708 Wholesale Investors, and will require you to verify your eligibility via an authorised accountant.