CSL Limited (CSL.ASX) Summary

Divik Nigam

CSL Limited (CSL.ASX) Summary

Brief info on company:

  • Biotech company that develop and manufacture medicines that treat people with rare diseases
  • 55% earnings generated from the US, 12% from Europe, 7% from Australia and 6% from UK

Market expectation for FY20 results:

Overall markets are expecting revenue to rise by 8%, earnings (NPAT) to increase by 10%, EPS to rise by 9% and DPS to increase by 12%.

Key Recent Events:

In June, CSL acquired exclusive global licence rights from uniQure to commercialise an AAV (Adeno-associated virus) gene therapy program. The gene therapy program is currently in phase 3 clinical trials, and could be one of the first gene therapies to provide long-term benefits to patients with haemophilia B.


Although some of CSL’s product demand were impacted by COVID, there are signs of recovery for plasma collection, as seen in Europe and the US, which will boost the plasma therapy segment of CSL. However, this is very much dependent on restriction measures and the severity of COVID outbreak, with a resurgence in COVID outbreak in key countries being the main risk in the near to mid-term.

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