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Where can I get the best stock market advice?

Where can I get the best stock market advice?

Maqro Admin

Where can I get the best stock market advice?

With the sheer volume of information out there about the stock market, it can be an overwhelming and difficult task to sort the quality information from the rubbish. Even if you manage to find the right information, in the right sector, in the right country, then you are still faced with the final hurdle of which company and picking your entry price. Below are some tips to get the most out of your investing journey.

Get an advisor

Talking with an advisor is one of your best options. Similar to when you go to a medical expert for advice versus Googling your symptoms, an advisor gives you surety the advice you are receiving is of the highest quality and not “opinions” from pseudo-experts, cherry-picking what information best suits their argument (and likely stock position).

With market experience and a team of analysts producing well-researched recommendations behind them, advisors’ sole function is to be aware of why markets are moving and what upcoming events could affect stocks. Although the upfront cost is more expensive, you have a team of experts in your corner to help you make better decisions and save you huge amounts of time which in the long run will likely save you more than the upfront costs.

The Maqro advisory team has over 50 years of experience and a solid track record in servicing clients’ needs. Coupled with the incredible performance of our research team’s recommendations, Maqro provides a high-quality complete service for investors.

Research subscriptions

If you are keen to do the grunt work yourself, research subscriptions are a good way to filter out unnecessary information and to be pointed in the right direction. Not all subscription services are created equal. Some are rating agencies like Morningstar, some are independent research companies and others are research departments of stockbroking companies. While the pure rating agencies and research shops are more impartial and independent, the research departments within wealth management firms usually provide more actionable advice in real-time. Be aware that this method is very time-consuming, so it may not be the best way to find advice if you have a busy lifestyle.

The Maqro service is split into Investing, ETF, Small Caps, ETFs, and Trading, which helps you focus on your preferred area of investment. There are also daily and weekly market wraps, webinars, and SMS/email notifications for entry and exit of recommendations.

Financial media

Although not an avenue to be used as a single source of all your research, financial media channels like Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist, and Investing.com are a great add-on to gain insights and advice.

AusbizTV in Australia provides a balanced ASX-based streaming service with reputable contributors from a wide range of research and broking companies as well as newsletters, feature stories on market-moving events, and live webinars for investor education.

Robert Corlett (CEO), Mark Gardner (Head of Trading), and Joshua Barker (Head of Desk) from the Maqro team regularly appear on AusbizTV.


This would be the last place you would start your journey for advice as the contributors are usually expressing opinions or points of view, quite often in line with talking up their personal holdings referred to as “talking their book”.

Forums do have their uses though, obviously, people with a vested interest in a particular stock are quick to find and post relevant announcements and articles quickly. Good contributors can post well thought out, fact-based arguments for a company or strategy, although be aware that rarely do they give all viewpoints on the subject matter.

Maqro tip: if you want to go down the rabbit hole of forums, track who the reliable contributors are and which ones are there to spread rumours or talk up stocks.

The takeaway

In summary, timing, investor sentiment, company performance, geopolitical issues, innovation, and the global economy all factor into making decisions about investing in the market, so using a combination of all four methods is probably the most rounded approach to finding the best stock market advice. Maqro provides the majority of these services and is a great one-stop shop for your investing needs.

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